McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust

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Apply for a Grant

The Trust invites applications for grant funding from organisations interested in undertaking projects or programs which align with and support the achievement of the Trust’s objectives and the community’s specific needs. To be eligible, the project must be of benefit to the community of the Gulf region.

A project is eligible for support by the Trust if it is conducted for a charitable purpose, such as grants, scholarships, bursaries and other assistance for education, vocational training and enterprise development or providing assistance for community infrastructure, and community development including the promotion of initiatives in the areas of health, law, arts, sport and culture.

Grants are not available for funerals or ex-gratia payments to individuals or groups of individuals.

All applications will be considered and preference given to applications which address the expressed priorities of the community to resolve major issues impacting on the sustainability of the region, help build local capacity in a long-term, sustainable manner and are catalysts for greater investment in the community either through additional external funding opportunities, revenue-generation or other self-sustaining methods.

Applicants should have the support of key community groups, including:

  • Local Elders (for projects relating to Aboriginal culture arts and/or storytelling)
  • School Council (for education, sport and young people's programs).

Generally, projects will not be considered for funding when, in the opinion of the Trust Board, they are the operational responsibility of Federal, Northern Territory or Local government.

Application Process

To apply for a grant please fill out an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form, which can be found in the top right-hand corner of this page. The form is easy to fill out and covers off the basic details of your project.

If your organisation and project meet the necessary criteria, you will be invited to formally apply for a grant by filling out the Project Funding Application Form.

The two stage application process is detailed below.

Our project officers can assist organisations to prepare their application and develop a business case. Contact them for more information.

Forms and guidelines


The Books in Homes program is 
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