McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust

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Total funding to date: $1,745,116

Projects aimed at improving the health and well-being of the community including action to address drug and alcohol abuse, chronic diseases and provide access to affordable, healthy food.


$19,000 to Mawurli and Wirriwangkuma Aboriginal (MAWA) Corporation

Back Roads Bush Tracks Riding Program

Weekend and holiday program for youth and young adults to enjoy push bike riding as a means of exploring country and facilitating other health, social and wellbeing outcomes.

$300,000 to Cancer Council NT

Closing the Gap – Cancer Prevention

Pilot program to address Aboriginal cancer rates at a community level. The funding contributes to an Aboriginal Cancer Unit with three health staff workers in Borroloola, including two Aboriginal Cancer health workers and a Project Coordinator to assist cancer prevention, education, early detection and improved standards of care to reduce mortality levels in the Gulf.


$86,046 to Mungoorbada Aboriginal Corporation

Robinson River sports vehicle and trailer

Purchase of a vehicle and trailer along with associated sporting equipment.

$97,980 to Roper Gulf Regional Council

Borroloola and Robinson River animal health program

A program to improve the health and welfare of dogs in communities.

$16,315 to Mabunji

Pool chair lift for the disabled

Purchase of a chair lift to enable aged and disabled people to access the town pool.

$90,000 to Nangala Foundation

John Moriarty Football Scholarship Program

Soccer program with a focus on a positive impact for Indigenous children in the region through engaging in sport, education and a healthy lifestyle.

For more information refer to Case Studies

$3,270 to Cancer Council NT

Cancer Awareness Program

Deliver cancer awareness sessions at the school and town centre and an in-service session at the health clinic.


$197,690 to Menzies School of Health Research

Planning for Better Health Outcomes Phase 1

Assist the community to develop a long-term Health Action and Investment Plan. The project uses a creative and participatory approach, to facilitate discussion about health and well-being and identify priority areas for investment and action informed by Indigenous knowledge and western scientific evidence.

$130,000 to Borroloola School Council

School Shade Structure

Provision of shade to areas adjacent to the new playground.


$150,000 to Gulf Health Services

Gulf Health AFL

Continuing on from the first 12-month grant, this new grant provided for the ongoing operational activities to support a local competition.


$7,290 to Cancer Council NT

Cancer Education

This program provided essential information about what cancer is, how to reduce the risks, how to detect possible cancers and what to do about a cancer diagnosis.

$200,000 to Gulf Health Services

Gulf Aussie Rules Footy Program

The Trust has provided support for the establishment of an AFL Program representing Borroloola and Robinson River communities for senior and junior teams in the region.

$50,000 to Roper Gulf Regional Council

Borroloola Community Pool Facility Operations

This grant assisted with the expenses associated with of the operation of the pool and maintaining adequate staffing levels to provide a safe and healthy environment for the public to swim.

$32,729 to Mental Health Association

Suicide Story 

This program has been developed and run by the Mental Health Association of Central Australia since 1992. The program has been developed specifically for remote Aboriginal communities in the NT and, with the support of the Trust, has been delivered in Borroloola.


$300,000 to the Nangala Project

John Moriarty Football

Soccer Program with a focus on a positive impact for Indigenous children in the Region through engaging in sport and healthy lifestyle. This program was established for 12 months prior to the Trust providing financial support.

For more information refer to Case Studies


$54,545 to Roper Gulf Regional Council

Borroloola Community Pool Facility Operations

This grant assisted with the expenses associated with the  operation of the pool and  maintaining adequate staffing levels providing a safe and healthy environment for the public to swim.


$10,250 to Mabunji Wunala Crèche

MARA Wunala Creche

Provide ablution facilities to ensure the health and wellbeing of the children while in care at the creche.

Funding Priority Areas

AFL is a way to encourage healthy living among young people.

A local soccer team.

New facilities at the creche have improved health and well-being for families and staff.

Funding has been provided to support the operations of the Borroloola Community pool.