McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust

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Culture and Art projects funded
Total: $ 1,555,845

Supporting the sustainable growth of existing art and culture organisations in a way that promotes generational understanding of Indigenous culture and traditions and the establishment of sustainable culture-based businesses with tourism objectives.


$ 22,434 to Borroloola School Council

Borroloola School Indigenous Hip Hop Projects  

Empowering students through indigenous hip hop projects song and dance - Workshops and performance 


$40,500 to Borroloola School

Bangarra Dance Workshop

This grant provides funds for the Bangarra Dancers to work with the school to engage in cultural dance, stagecraft ad storytelling activities.

$12,000 to Borroloola School

Growing our Culture program

This grant provides for gifts for senior people who participate in cultural activities at the school.

$300,681 to Artback NT

Remote Arts and Cultural Program

A further three years funding to support the employment of a Remote Arts and Culture Program Coordinator to coordinate cultural programs.


$98,000 to Parks and Wildlife

Limmen National Park protection of rock art sites

Extending on from the successful project undertaken in 2015, this project will focus on rockart site protection, training and recording, and will also include minor archaeological works in the Limmen National Park.

$23,205 to MAWA

Robinson River Historical Project

This project will collate ancestral knowledge and history passed on to the current Garrawa community to share knowledge and history and potential tourist interest in the Robinson River Community.

$60,000.00 to National Trust

Upgrade of Old Police Station

Upgrade of the facility for the upcoming anniversary to create a space for events and displays.


$42,773 to Parks and Wildlife

Rock Art Protection

This grant was provided for the protection of Aboriginal art sites in the Limmen National Park. The program employed local Indigneous people to work alongside of Parks and Wildlife staff to identify and protect art sites of significance.

$91,300 to Artback NT

Borroloola Cultural Events & Arts Engagement Officer

This grant provided of the continuing employment of a Cultural Events & Arts Engagement Officer. This grant extends on the previous three-year grant to enable the coordination of activities in the community to continue.


$123,010 to Mabunji

Knowledge Centre & Keeping Place Phase III

This project provided extended the progress made in Phase I & II to carry out the consultation and planning required for a cultural centre to store and share with the community and visitors the collection of cultural materials and digital resources for the Yanyula, Garrawa, Mara and Gurdanji community.

$88,880 to Mabunji


The songbook provided a resource as an ongoing collection of nonceremonial songs and related knowledge of Yanyuwa, Marra, Gurdanji and Garrawa peoples honouring their ancestors and connections to country. The songbook is a full colour book with a DVD of audio songs and short films. The book is available for purchase at the Waralungku Arts Centre.

$41,535 to Monash University

The Garrawa Stone Country Rock Art Project

This project commenced the recording of rock art sites (cultural heritage) on Garrawa country. The project worked with senior Garrawa Traditional Owners as well as engaging the younger generation in the recording and sharing of culturally significant rock art. The Elders introduced the younger generation to the sites where they used modern technology to preserve and transmit this knowledge.


$61,430 to Mabunji

Sharing and Keeping Place

This project provided seed funding for six months to carry out the consultation and planning required for a cultural centre to store and share with the community and visitors the collection of cultural materials and digital resources for the Yanyula, Garrawa, Mara and Gurdanji community.

$16,500 to Mabunji

Yanyuwa Dictionary

This two-volume set will be one of the largest documentations of any Indigenous 

language in Australia. Volume 1 includes a general history of Yanyuwa people

and language as well as a large number of bilingual interlinear texts covering

an array of historical subjects. The second volume contains the dictionary

and grammar proper. The two volumes can work together or as independent



$150,000 to Artback NT

Arts Development and Touring

A three-year program designed to help create new and revitalise existing cultural festivals in the Region celebrating the diversity of traditional Indigenous dance.

$194,310 to Mabunji and Waralungku Arts Centre

Gulf Country Musecology

Following on from the success of the Song Peoples Sessions in 2011 and 2012 the project further extended to continue working with the four language groups as both singers and producers to record the traditional songs of their communities.


$79,288 to Barkly Regional Arts Inc

Song Peoples Sessions

An Innovative Indigenous cultural maintenance and language preservation project that recorded the traditional songs of the four local language groups and produced

them into contemporary recordings for both archival purposes and the enjoyment

of listeners.

$25,000 to Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre

Booonu Boonu Festival

Support for the expansion of the 2011 NAIDOC Celebrations to include the Boonu Boonu Festival as the only traditional indigenous dance festival in the Northern Territory.

$50,000 to Waralungku Arts Centre

Mabunji Waralungku Arts Exhibition

Assistance to local artists to exhibit Paintings, prints and wooden sculptures which featured in an exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in London in July 2011.


$5,000 to Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre

NAIDOC Festival

Support the costs associated with the delivery of the NAIDOC festival program in 2010 as an important annual celebration of indigenous cultural heritage.

Funding Priority Areas

The Gulf Country Songbook.

Working on rock art protection in 
Limmen National Park.

Filming for the Knowledge and 
Keeping Place project.

Shellie Morris and the Borroloola Songwomen.

The launch of the Song Peoples Sessions 
in Borroloola in 2012,

The launch of the Gulf Country Songbook in Borroloola in 2015.