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RGRC Rocky Creek Bridge Upgrade

The McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust took the lead in initiating this $6.7million infrastructure project with Roper Gulf Regional Council with the support of the Australian Government and the Northern Territory Government.

The 9.5m bridge is one metre higher than the previous Rocky Creek Crossing, increasing flood immunity and allowing Borroloola to function in heavy wet weather events such as cyclones, floods and low-pressure systems. The project also provided opportunities for local employment during construction.

“The current crossing on Robinson Road in Borroloola is aged and on February 2017 Tropical Cyclone Alfred caused significant damage. The old bridge has been flooded many times over the years, causing community disruption. The new, elevated Rocky Creek Bridge at Borroloola will be a key piece of enabling infrastructure for the Gulf community, tourists and businesses. The Community Benefits Trust are proud to have taken the lead in initiating this project with Roper Gulf Regional Council and for the support provided by the Australian Government and Northern Territory Government.”

Mr Reed, CBT Chair

This partnership between the McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust, Roper Gulf Regional Council, the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (NTG) as delivery partner, and the Federal Government’s Roads to Recovery program demonstrates the Trust’s capacity to initiate large-scale infrastructure projects and provide significant community impact with the support of key partners.

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Construction at Rocky Creek Bridge

Rocky Creek Bridge Opening

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