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Four Clans Artwork.

Welcome to the McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust

A unique partnership that is changing lives in the Gulf region. Over $22 million has been invested in over 160 projects since 2007 – these are the amazing statistics that are changing lives in the Gulf region.


Established in 2007, the McArthur River Mine (MRM) Community Benefits Trust is a unique partnership between McArthur River Mine, the Northern Territory Government and the local community. It commits $1.3 million a year to local projects that support culture and art, enterprise and job creation, social and community development, education, health and the environment.


The Community Benefits Trust is represented by 14 Directors - eight Directors representing the four language groups of Gudanji, Garrwa, Yanyuwa and Marra, two Directors representing the local community, one NTG and one MRM representative, and two independent Directors. Local Indigenous Directors have majority voting rights on CBT board decisions. 


The MRM Community Benefits Trust’s area of influence extends to the Gulf communities bounded by Robinson River in the south-east, the Sir Edward Pellew Islands, the Limmen Bight River in the west and Balbirini Station in the south. The township of Borroloola sits in the heart of the region.


The money comes directly from MRM, with all administration and management costs borne by MRM. That means every cent put into the Trust goes to supporting the local community. 


Latest News

The McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust wish to pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the Country

 on which we serve - the Gudanji, Garrwa, Yanyuwa and Marra People. 

We also wish to acknowledge the contribution of Elders past, present and future. 

We are honoured to have Directors from all four language groups working on our Board. 

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